Your Why!

Three Generations of Bugbees

My Father is a proud retiree of United Technologies
He was the Head of Department 956 Experimental Testing. His job was to make sure the engines passed all requirements of the Air Force before delivery.

My son on the left works as a. Retail Analytics Solution Consultant at Kronos Incorparated and travels constantly.

Myself, I Graduated from the University of Conn B.S. in 1971. in Landscape Design and I have worked for the Plumbers and Pipefitters in Conn doing ComputerWelding for 27 years. At the Present I am working on the Internet with the Prosperity Team and a lot of Guru Friends. I am enjoying life and retirement.

You are welcome to join us if you think you are a winner in Life? Are You?

"The winners in life think
constantly in terms of I can, I
will, and I am. Losers, on the
other hand, concentrate their
waking thoughts on what they
should have or would have done,
or what they can't do."
- Dennis Waitley
Our You That Winner in Life?
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